Rueben Lopez, MA, LPC

Life at times can seem like a battle field, and our minds our most hostile enemy. Many of us are in conflict with both internal and external factors that exist in our lives. Sometimes we do not feel equipped or prepared to withstand these unseen forces or conditions that exist in the struggle of daily life. Depression, trauma, abuse, addictions, failed relationships, and thought patterns that can hold us back in family relationships, academic achievement, social interactions, and career development. Rueben believes that the battles that we win within our minds, can extend throughout all areas of our lives. It is Rueben's mission to see you achieve this victory.

Rueben has over 14 years of counseling experience with teens and young adults that are faced with the many challenges of adolescence and transition into adulthood. Within the past couple years Rueben has extended his practice working outside the school setting, counseling individuals, families, and married couples.

Rueben will help you to develop self-awareness and decision making skills that will help to improve relationships, increase confidence, decrease stress, enhance communication skills, and identify the things in life that matter the most. He practices and lives his personal life from a holistic perspective that all areas of the body, mind, and spirit are connected, and work best when all are in proper balance. He will be honored to travel with you on your voyage towards finding balance and an improved peace of mind.

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