About MCGR

How you've learned to show up in the world is multifaceted, complex, and shaped by a lifetime of experience. Likewise, the therapeutic process of safely cultivating insight, healing, and transformation occurs slowly, intentionally, and over time. 

We view symptoms and unsatisfying relational or behavioral patterns as messengers that can guide us toward deeper unresolved core wounds and survival strategies that are no longer serving you well. To simply focus on symptoms leaves the roots of your struggles in place. While a symptom focused approach can lead to some relief, it is often short lived. With this in mind, we seek to move beyond a symptom management or behavioral modification strategy. We do this by working with you to establish a secure relationship based in trust, openness, and curiosity allowing your authentic self to truly show up. This is the most effective way to get at and address roots, providing the possibility for true healing and transformation, where symptoms and old defenses are no longer needed to feel secure in the world. Your energy can shift from symptom management toward more life-giving relationships and pursuits.

It is for this reason that here at MCGR we seek to honor our client's sacred stories and accompany them on a longer term journey. We recognize that this is not necessarily a quick process, but we have experienced that it is the most effective in cultivating true insight, healing, and transformation. To this end, we give priority to clients who are seeking to commit to the process of weekly, long-term, relational work.