Jennifer DiGennaro,
Professional Counseling Intern

Lindsey Bandy offers counseling to women and adolescents in the greater Grand Rapids, Area.

Jen acknowledges that reaching out for help is not always easy. She believes that one of the most courageous acts in life is accepting professional help. Therefore, Jen's first step with you is to build a counseling alliance that offers a sense of safety, transparency, and trust. A place for you to be seen, heard, and accepted. She will work alongside you as you process your experiences and realize your capacities while navigating your unique life story, from the past to the present, and onward.

Jen is honored to serve those ready to explore unraveling the thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and beliefs that has them cycling in painful patterns or feeling stuck. She is prepared to work with a variety presenting issues including symptoms of depression, anxiety, binge eating, trauma, grief, life transitions, and identity or relationship concerns. Jen also has a special interest in working with both men and women who suffer around food, eating, and body image. 

Her approach to evidence-based treatment is eclectic and holistic, weaving in mindful, humanistic, relational, somatic, feminist, and spiritual approaches as appropriate. With a firm commitment to collaboration, she confidentially enters into the experiences of those whose chose to partner with her. This often creates movement beyond symptom management to the emergence of more compassionate, centered, whole ways of being.

As our first counseling intern at Mindful Counseling GR, Jen brings wealth of life experience as she transitions out of a long and successful career in the corporate world to answer the call to support others in uncovering their own potential for healing and transformation. One of Jen's favorite things to say is "we are not meant to do this alone". 

In addition to pursuing a master’s degree in professional counseling at Central Michigan University, Jen has been volunteering at the Women’s Resource Center since 2014 and mentoring women as a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor at her own business, Nourished Energy, since 2015. She is also in the process of becoming a Certified Trauma Professional and a Certified Body Trust Provider. 

Jen’s professional mission includes embracing the wisdom of the body and uncovering the depth of suffering that is often not addressed by single pronged approaches. She is committed to life-long learning, continually bringing fresh perspectives to her work, and humbly continuing to grow herself. She is a member of the International Association of Trauma Professionals, the Binge Eating Disorder Association, and the Association for Size Diversity and Health. Jen will begin seeing psychotherapy clients at Mindful Counseling GR beginning in January 2017 under the supervision of Bryan Nixon, LPC.

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