Seasonal Changes in Our Lives

BY: Rueben Lopez, MA, LPC

“When the winds of change blow, remember… sometimes what appears dead is simply preparing for a new season.” — Jane Lee Logan

Fall is here and with that brings football games, bonfires, apple cider, and chili.  The end of summer, and the ushering in of fall has always been a fond time of the year for me.  For some though, it’s forecasting the beginning of cold, messy weather, and a season of being stuck inside.

Often, our lives can seem like exactly that — stuck inside. Looking back at my journey, I use the term “season” to describe the different points of significance in life — from my high school and college years to marriage and becoming a parent, as well as career experiences, and even financial situations.

I most recently left a season of my career life that lasted 14 years.  So much happened to me in the 14 plus years; the good, bad, and even ugly.  I experienced nearly every emotion on the spectrum. There were days when things did not make sense to me or anyone else that knew the storm I was weathering. Yet, in this season of internal and external blizzard, I managed to grow in every way possible. Some of this growth was done with intentionality yielding positive results, while other times growth was experienced the “hard way.”  What I began to realize and experience was that there was a new season in my career life that was forming. But just like the changing of our natural seasons, it didn’t happen overnight.

At times we don’t think the stormy, cold season, in our life will ever change.  So, what can you do while you wait for this change in season or the sun to reappear in your life?  

My suggestion is to gear up and go outside of yourself.  Do not stay stuck inside of yourself, and be a ray of light in the life of others.  Get involved with family, friends, local and even global communities. Do something kind for somebody else, or give some of your time to volunteer.  Maybe try participating in some type of activity you have never tried before. Be proactive.

This can lead to a new attitude and perspective towards self awareness and the life around you and it is in that space that insight, healing, and transformation can occur.

If you find yourself experiencing any form of inclement weather in your life, the good news is you are not powerless in it, and you do not have to move through it alone.