There's Not an App for That

By: Jordan Smith, MA LMFT

During the holidays, to get from point A to point B we simply put our destination into Google maps, which helps us navigate and avoid unforeseen accidents, traffic and construction.  

Unfortunately, there is not a app for life that simply reroutes us when we experience pain and suffering. People often come to therapy looking for guidance when they are completely lost.

Obviously, therapy can help people travel through the muddy road’s of crisis, whether it’s an affair, pending divorce, suicidal thoughts, or extreme depression and anxiety. However, therapy can also be helpful for people before they are at their weakest point. Therapy can help prepare individuals and deepen their relationships by:

  • Processing through painful stories

  • Exploring families of origin

  • Developing insight around negative patterns

  • Strengthening communication of thoughts and emotions

  • Understanding and appreciating personal differences

Sometimes, we simply need to pull over to refuel, ask for directions and map out a new path for our lives. There may not be an app to navigate all of life’s twists and turns, but I truly believe that therapy can give people insight, strength, and hope to guide them through their journey.

I wish everyone safe travels this season, and I encourage you all to take the time to help others find guidance.

Here are three simple ways to point people in the right direction for help:

  1. Use deep listening, providing compassion to truly understand someone else’s needs.

  2. Download and pass along The Family Resource Guide, which literally provides over 100 pages of information on Kent County resources to help others find:

    • Food, shelter, clothing, legal and mediation services, mental health providers, mentoring, respite care, support groups, crisis lines, after-school programs, transportation services, health services and more!

  3. Direct them to a trusted counselor, by simply searching for counseling in Grand Rapids, or by looking for a specific counselor on Psychology Today that fits their needs.

There is not an app for everything, because nothing can replace a listening ear and a helping hand.