After you connect with your counselor and determine that you will be a good fit, your first session will get scheduled. When you get to the office, you will find a warm and cozy space. We take space very seriously and have worked hard for our space to be welcoming and safe. Go ahead and help yourself to some water or tea and your counselor will meet you in the waiting area. 

The Benefits of Counseling:
9 movements that clients often experience as a result of counseling

  • From Stagnation Toward Growth
  • From Powerlessness Toward Freedom
  • From Despair Toward Hope
  • From Self-Contempt Toward Self-Acceptance
  • From Impulsivity Toward Wisdom
  • From Fear Toward Trust
  • From Pessimism Toward Authenticity
  • From Anger Toward Mercy
  • From Emotional Paralysis Toward Love



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