Professional Testimonials

Bryan is a wise and gifted therapist who I have worked with as a student and as a colleague. He has assisted me in experiential workshops that require an enormous amount of skill to navigate the personal and therapeutic issues of group members in a short-term, intensive setting. I value his thoughtful, honest, and insightful interactions that enabled group members to make a profound use of the brief interaction without asking them to go further than the context allowed.

As well I have referred a number of clients to see him and they have reported significant change as a result. Bryan clearly engages clients with immense care and thoughtfulness and as well knows how to invite people to address the issues that they are most reluctant to face. His style is non-invasive while also hearing the desire and heartache that generates both defense and ambivalence. His ability to remain in the middle of desire and defense is precocious since he is relatively young in the field. I’d trust him to deal with a wide range of pathology and human suffering with goodness and depth.
— Dan Allender, Ph.D Author, Co-founder and President Emeritus at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology
Bryan invites his clients to step into the present moment as a means of creating sustainable change for the future. He is willing to meet his clients where they are, infusing the therapeutic process with deep insight, safety and compassion. I have full confidence in Bryan and will continue to refer my students to him as a part of the healing journey.
— April Hadley, MSW Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Instructor at Grand Rapids Center for Mindfulness
Bryan approaches the work of counseling with a kind and patient spirit, seeking to help each person connect with who God created them to be and live into that with freedom and grace. He has a unique ability to hold any situation and respond with insight, truth, and love. His expertise in mindful attentiveness, body awareness, and traditional psychotherapy has helped many people find healing on their journey toward wholeness.
— Meredith Dancause, M.Div Teaching pastor at Carlisle Brethen in Christ Church
As a counselor, Bryan has a unique understanding of the body’s neurophysiological response to stress that helps him to adjust to each client’s needs. He is kind, personable and highly effective as he navigates through his client’s challenges utilizing this understanding and drawing the client’s attention to places where they physically manifest emotional stress. Its an art that Bryan has mastered!
— Stacy Pulley, M.S., CCC-SLP Speech Language Pathologist and Co-owner of Family Tree Therapies