We are proud to work collaboratively with some very talented and passionate practitioners in the Grand Rapids community offering a wide variety of services to help enrich both mind and body. 

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We think the MetaFi app is a very helpful tool for cultivating a self-awareness practice. Over time, as it's used, we've found that it really helps develop a strong understanding of your emotional framework allowing you to show up more authentically in any given situation and to be your best self. It's a free download, so check it out today!


We are big fans of the Grand Rapids Center for Mindfulness! “The Grand Rapids Center for Mindfulness is dedicated to teaching people how to use powerful mindfulness based tools to manage their stress and enjoy new health and well-being.”



AG Collaborative

AG Collaborative designs and delivers leadership programs typically lasting 6-24 months. Acknowledging that people learn in different ways and over time, they utilize a variety of experiences, approaches, and custom curriculums to create a dynamic and multifaceted approach to facilitate meaningful transformation.



Continuum Healing is a natural health clinic located in Grand Rapids, Michigan made up of caring practitioners who believe that in order to help they must first see, hear, and spend time with whomever seeks their care. Based on the principles of Naturopathic Medicine, Continuum Healing practitioners seek to help the body come back into balance and return to its true state of health.


Jenny Bork is a licensed massage therapist who offers a body-based approach in reclaiming your body, recreating your personal narrative, and reconnecting to your innate freedom. 



Amber is the founder of Mindful Vinyasa School of Yoga , the creator of Healthy Mamas, and author of Mindful Mama, Moments of Pause for Mothers. She is also a founding member of The Body Mind Being Project and has extensive training in Trauma Sensitive Yoga. Visit to learn more.





 The Wellness Collective GR is a community of holistic practitioners committed to cultivating physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Please take a minute and visit the website to learn about all of the amazing practitioners’ modes of healing, health and wellness. The Wellness Collective GR offers regular teachings, workshops and experiential events. Be sure to follow them on Facebook for all of the latest happenings!