Molly DeHoog, LLMSW

Molly uses creative and mindful therapeutic approaches during sessions. She believes that the answers you are looking for rest within yourself. Molly will offer you a safe and warm environment to explore what’s within, to listen to your thoughts, to awaken your spirit, and to experience peace and clarity.
As a licensed social worker and certified yoga teacher, with specific training for trauma treatment, Molly also specializes in working with people who are seeking an introspective, mind-body connection. She is passionate about leading clients to a deeper understanding of how we value and care for our bodies is directly related to how we value and care for our minds.
Guided by Ron Kurtz’s work and the Hakomi Method, Molly wants to participate in your evolution, your “movement toward full human-beingness”. She believes that therapy sessions are an invitation to share, explore, learn, heal, and evolve to your best sense of self.



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